Flipped Switch (live)

New song by Austin, TX indie/power-pop/punk band Mean Jolene. Live footage captured by Will Campbell.

Glory Daze (LIVE)

Mean Jolene, indie-powerpop band from Austin, TX, performs "Glory Daze" live at Hotel Vegas during Free Week.

Glory Daze (Live Acoustic)

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photo by Emerson Granillo

“…for their second record the band have taken a more vulnerable approach, without losing any of their rambunctious qualities. Glory Daze does just that, as the lyrics chart discovering the person you need, even if you are surprised who that turned out to be, “I get in trouble when I feel I don’t belong who knew that you would be the cure all along”.  Musically, the track plays out on fizzing guitar solos and euphoric driving rhythms, as Jolie Cota Flink’s vocals drift in and out of musical focus.” - For The Rabbits

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“Jolie and her crew keep the energy and attitude honest but with a degree of self-aware humor where phases of our lives can be glanced upon with a level of learned awareness (coupled with a smile & a laugh)” – Impose Magazine

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“Constructed with ten gleaming tracks, ‘Salty’ is an engrossing listen; the playful guitars wrap themselves around Jolie's endlessly invigorating voice, which details everything from parties to personal fall-outs, from wasted days to hedonistic nights.” – Gold Flake Paint



Mean Jolene was founded by Jolie Cota Flink and Adam Sharp during the summer of 2015 in Austin, TX. They first met in 2012 and bonded over their Chicago origins and affinity for golden era pop music. They’ve been creative collaborators since then.

After a turbulent period involving some health issues and break ups, Jolie started writing songs that ranged from love songs about drugs to bitter songs about boys -- narrating a period of time when the only thing that eased tumultuous emotions were partying and writing music. Mean Jolene’s 10-song debut LP, “Salty”, expresses themes of extreme highs and lows and on the surface could be considered a diss album, laced with bitterness, heartache and tongue-in-cheek snottiness, but it’s also a sincere album about self-acceptance and being unapologetically “crazy.”

Before writing their second album, “Try Harder” (set to release in September of 2019), Mean Jolene underwent a 50% membership change. Jolie and Adam still held down bass and drums, and Ali Ditto and Ray Seraphin came in on guitars. The band wrote their 10-song sophomore album over a couple of months and recorded over two weekends. The songs are expansive, ambitious and more mature than previous efforts; the album is a synthesis of influences such as Shonen Knife, Nikki and the Corvettes and the Breeders. “Try Harder” is Mean Jolene’s deepest journey yet into melodic, towering power-pop with roaring guitar riffs over dynamic, effected rhythm guitar and layered vocal harmonies.

Mean Jolene’s aesthetic started with empowered femininity and devil-may-care attitudes, but it has evolved into a juxtaposition of vulnerable lyrics and a larger-than-life persona delivering them, backed by upbeat, energetic pop music. Try Harder explores and celebrates this duality, but things have not always been so cut and dry. Although writing and recording the second album came quickly, unexpected obstacles prevented its immediate release. Jolie recalls, "My usual bipolar flare-up symptoms returned, but I was feeling great! Producing at lightning speed! Ideas were coming into my head as if I were connected to some divine force! I'm an atheist, by the way, so that last notion was pretty unusual. After the mania subsided, I came to a screeching halt — I just crashed and entered the most morbid depression of my life." This palpable pain is ingrained in the narrative of the songs and in the album as a whole; Jolie expands on extreme feelings of love, loss and the challenges of navigating a world while coping with having bipolar disorder.

Mean Jolene’s present lineup continues to feature Jolie, Adam and Ali, along with new members, Steven Garcia (lead guitar) and Maud Morgan (bass guitar).